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If the only heaps in your life are heaps of office papers, it’s time to trade them for heaps of white sand of Liepaja — a friendly breeze and vivid tourist life add to the deal!

Astrid Schwarzer (Dresden)

I’ve started coming to Liepaja more often during the last four years, despite me being fond of other Latvia cities as well. It so occurs I have to visit this town every couple of months or so — mainly due to my working schedule — but I also visit simply to enjoy the cultural happenings from time to time: Grand Amber concert hall has been erected here, and it’s the most — you know — monumental!

There are performances by the spectacular Liepaja symphonical orchestra there, as well as other talented musicians are being invited.
I’ve also always enjoyed walking along the semi-ruined Karosta: it has the kind of special charm that makes you return. Recently, it’s being rebuild, though, so something completely new is going to emerge from these ruins: so I suggest every romantic tourist out there to carpe diem while they still are able to!

Mihail Iterin (Moscow)

Liepaja is a great example of a baltic resort: it suits those leisurely and thoughtful ideally. Pine forests, vast sandy coasts, invigorating sea breeze and picturesque sunsets: everything here is made for long mindful meditative walks. Those active tourists also won’t be disappointed, I believe: I’ve seen lot of cycling enthusiasts here (not surprisingly: you just wish you had this kind of air where you’re from), and ruins of Karosta are also a fun thing to investigate, judging by the number of tourists willing to get there.

Maris Priede (Riga)

I visit Liepaja every month: it’s where my heart takes me. Some like to hop on a train and go wander around their childhood countryhouse or a river they used to swim in as a child. My nostalgia guides me towards Liepaja — and the 200km journey (from Riga) itself becomes a trip back to your inner child, to your better self, for Liepaja holds more than a ten year’s memory worth for me. That’s why I’d probably like to spend my elderly years by the Baltic Sea, too.

For some, the sea and the wind of Liepaja may seem a bit loud at first: but that’s just an illusion, trust me! Soon upon arrival, these sounds become calming and even lulling to some point: not once have I napped on the seashore of Liepaja — and I had a great sleep, too!

It’s also worth to admit the town is loaded with history: from tzaric-russian Karosta with military officers’ houses to an eye-catching temple. I also enjoy the by-the-sea cafeterias, of course: Prison Bar is my favourite, for it is still opened when they close the other ones: you can meet tourists from all kind of countries there, if you’re tired of walking around, and in the mood for a late chit-chat.

Ines Qattrocci (Rome)

Liepaja is a brilliant finding for those tired of european unsettling pace of life. You have a spectacular seaside here, the sand is white, there are tennis courts installed everywhere, and a road that takes you through all the sights one by one! XXVII century’s architecture (unique wooden houses and silos) are sharing these grounds with the most inspiring examples of modern art of building (I’m talking about “GrandAmber”, of course). The same goes for other alleys and houses: cozy and habitable places are mixed with grass-covered dwellings like the ones you’ve seen in “The Hobbit” here.

Andrew Gornykh (Kaliningrad)

The journey from Riga to Liepaja is an adventure on its own! As for my opinion on the tourist site, I’d divide it into three aspects: the lovely food, the sea and the town of Liepaja itself.
As for the meals — this waterside town won’t be what it is without its fish menu. Liepaja-style-made codfish has earned a special place in the list among the other fish dishes here.
The sea is marvellous here: it’s just a couple of minutes from the city, but is separated from it with a woodland park, so you get this feeling of watching the town’s “busy” life without actually participating in it — and that’s a feeling that means a lot to a modern citizen!
The city itself is as small as it gets: it is impossible to get lost here even without maps and navigators. Picturesque alleys and a marvellous Lutheran Dome. In two words, Liepaja is a great medicine healing unsettling thoughts and dull fuss. I’ve came here before – and I’ll certainly visit it again!

Andrew Oldman (London)

Every city has it’s own “spark” that add to the colourful picture of life (love this metaphor!). Liepaja paints everything with the colours of the Baltic Sea, not admixed with Jurmala cacophony or pretentiousness of Ventspils. Everything tends to soar upwards the sky here: lime trees with their straggling crowns, masts of the harboured ships, even croaking cries of seagulls uplift your spirit uniting it with nature. That’s where the unique enchantment of this sea-bound city reveals itself.

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